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Deciding which adventure holiday is right for you can be an intimidating experience. There are thousands of options, and it’s hard to know where to start. One way to determine what’s a good fit is to get in touch with AdventureClub that provides and is specialized in adventure tourism.

There are many travel companies to explore Romania but for AdventureClub travelers we are looking for something more than a plane ticket, a hotel room, and a seat on a bus. We make travel meaningful by thinking small, thinking local, and thinking about what benefits the traveler need.

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  • 6 reasons to visit Romania now!
    6 reasons to visit Romania now!
    Travelers in Eastern Europe have trodden the same paths through Prague, Krakow, and Budapest for years. But further east lies the majestic city of Bucharest, home to almost 2 million people, and the capital of dark, moody Romania. Recently, the country has begun capitalizing…

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  • You’ll Die Laughing, if You’re Not Already Dead
    You’ll Die Laughing, if You’re Not Already Dead
    By PETER S. GREEN ( The New York Times ) SAPANTA, Romania – Death, when it visits this isolated town in a forgotten corner of Europe, comes laughing – in the guise, almost, of a comic book. While alive, the people of Sapanta’s 1,500…

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  • Transilvanians maintain a centuries – old culinary tradition.
    Transilvanians maintain a centuries – old culinary tradition.
    AAA Home and Away Magazine By Jeanine Barone With so many vendors flocking from all over Romania to Bucharest’s Traditional Food Market to sell their wares on a summer weekend, it’s hard to stand out. On the grounds of the Academy of Agricultural and…

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  • Did You Know ?
    Did You Know ?
    Here are some facts you might not have known or associated with Romania: History » The name “Romania” comes from the Latin word “Romanus” which means “citizen of the Roman Empire.”  The empire expanded into what is now Romania in 106 AD, under the rule of…

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