Snow kitting is the winter alternative for kitesurfing.
AdventureClub organize kitesurfing lessons in the high winds ski resort of Sinaia.

Think of kitesurf­ing: the water sport where a per­son uses a large kite to bor­row the power of the wind, pro­pelling them (and the small surfboard/wakeboard bound to their feet) across the water. Snowk­it­ing (some­times called “kite board­ing”) is sim­i­lar to kitesurf­ing, except for two main details. First, instead of a surf­board or wake­board, the footwear of choice is a pair of skis or a snow­board. Sec­ond, instead of glid­ing over the top of the water, snowkiters glide above ice or snow—uphill, down­hill, or straight across.